Intellectual Property Right's Policy

To eliminate violations of our price policy and to ensure customers are receiving genuine products we will go after companies selling fake products not coming from RaceME GmbH. 
Any advertising and selling within the United States of America falls under this policy, this includes online selling that ships to United States of America. All companies and sellers are prohibited to advertise or sell products labeled with the “Brand” and “Logo” or the name RaceME within the United States of America if goods did not come from RaceME GmbH in Austria.

No company is allowed to sell RaceMe Products or to advertise with the Brandname "RaceME" or the Company "Logo" offering tuners coming from a Canadian Company with name "RaceME Canada" or from a affiliated Dealer of this Company.

Companies violating this policy will be issued suit in the court of law of the United States of America.

This policy will enter into force with September 01.2017.

The consequences of those in violation of the policy will be pursued in January 2018. The legal proceedings will commence and you will be charged for every single unit sold without following the policy established with permission to use the “Brand” and “Logo” or the name RaceME within the United States of America.

In agreement to the License, any Dealer or Seller of any kind hereby agree's that this Policy/License is vioalated if the “Brand” and “Logo” or the name RaceME is used to advertise other products of competitors.
Using the word RaceMe, RaceME Pro or RaceME Ultra as hashtags in Ebay or Amazon or other selling platforms to bring customers to competitors products will lead to legal proceedings.
The buyer hereby agrees not to use our “Brand” and “Logo” or the name RaceME to advertise for inferior products. This policy is in place to strengthen the brand and restore the selling platform that was established with a fair selling opportunity for all dealers, and to remove the alternate advertising for inferior product offerings.




Intellectual Property Right Document

Intellectual Property Right Document

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