FAQ RaceME Ultra

Customer asks why not updating our system to use Cellphone and a App onstead of the Monitor we are using what would help the non computer savy updating to latest software. (and us to save money)
The reason is a grim security concern doing that.
This would allow lunatic hackers from China or Mideast or somewhere to intrude into your truck and to get control over it from 1000 or 10 000 miles away. A hacker than could do anything what CAN bus allows, including to activate the Airbag or to apply brakes or anything and all what can be commanded over the bus. This is a very real scenario, each end every computer system or cell phone can be hacked and it is only a matter of time that this would come true if we would go that way. There would not be a easier solution to kill Americans driving on highway without any risk for punishment for this sick people. They even could watch the accident over the rear view camera of truck.

So RaceME will never offer such a solution.

Can't find OTF anymore after updating to 1.1.1 Firmware
We changed Gauges Menu from OTF to RT for Real Time programming
So RT is what OTF was before, only with a different name

First thing's to do after getting the tuner
Update tuner with latest release
Tuner will come with a not up to date software
Where to get it: http://www.raceme.eu/index.php?page=product&info=11
Where to find 7Zip unzipper:  http://www.7-zip.org

Never do the programming in the morning without fully charged batteries!!
Do it after a trip with some miles to have full charged batteries, or if you have a good battery charger what has a flash option adjust it to 14.2Volt at programming.
Programming with a Voltage below 12.3 Volt will lead to problems.

If you have some odd problems like a timing noise, repeat programming with full charged batteries. 

What to do if getting a problem
Send progprot.txt file, you can find it into root directory of SD card
Or send pictures of info screens to: office@raceme.eu

Go into
RaceME Ultra Info
Vin#lock check (take picture)
RaceME Ultra Information (take picture)
ECM Information (take picture)

No valid SD card found!
Card symbol on right bottom of screen has white color.
One of the files in "data" folder is missing or wrong, Format SD card and repeat extracting update file to SD card. Use "extract here" from 7zip menu if you have big file on SD card or use drive letter like E: as path to extract files.
Error codes with 7000 # are showing a mismatch between firmware and Data files, you mixed old and new files. Solution is to format SD card and again extracting zipped files to card.

Can't find EGT probe in Temp Menu
Unplug OBD connector
Unplug probe connector from controler
Plug in probe connector into controler
Plug in OBD connector
Probe will show up in Temp menu

Ultra will not connect to ECM and ask for KEY ON – KEY OFF in endless loop
If you are using any aftermarket device like a Alpine GPS/Soundsystem you must switch it OFF, this device uses CAN addresses what can collide with the Ultra.
If problem persists ask RaceME.

ERROR Code 1
Remove SD card from tuner and format it on computer, copy files to card and insert it in tuner again. Use FAT Standard file system
That should do the trick

How to do a Software/Firmware update
Automatically: the device will update itself once you copy the new firmware into the SD root directory and then unplug OBD cable and plug back in so you have a cold start of both units, the controller and the display.
Manual: Press “Firmware update” button under “Config tools” menu and follow the displayed instructions
If we have released new features or corrections like for the VGT issue we had than you must do a full customized programming of truck to have the new software not only on card and tuner but also into trucks ECM. This is very important to do, our corrections can't work if you don't do the customized tuning.

Returning truck to stock
If you return your truck to stock even the RSA code is switched on again
Your truck is really stock again after returning

What to do with the unlock cable
Now with the OTF for the 2010-2015 trucks all this models it must have cable connected
On previous models you don't need it until we will release the same features like OTF programing and trans tuning for this models. 
On all 2010up models you will get a CEL (check engine light) without a DTC if you remove dongle or unlock cable.

Problems at first programming
Getting one of the following error codes:
15000 => Check Controller <-> Dongle <-> OBD connections
15010, 15020, 15030, 15040, 15050 => Check Controller <-> Dongle connection
15100, 15105, 15106 => Report the error with ECM info page
15101, 15102, 15103, 15104, 15107, 15108, 15109, 15110 => Try again the operation
15200, 15210, 15211 => Check Dongle <-> ECM connection
15212 => Request a recovery
1502 = Dongle connection or bad dongle
Check connection between dongle and connector in engine compartment!!!!!!

SD card issues
If getting a Inconsistence data message you possibly mixed old with new files.
Codes with 7000# are coming along with this message if you try to program truck.
Always delete old files before copying new files to card or better format it with FAT32 file system. 

It seems that MAC computers create new file names after copying what leads to problems and tuner can't find the files. We had to exchange over 60 emails with a Mac user until he got the update to card and tuner. 
This is what he told: 
I think using the mac was the issue. I downloaded the new update to our hp, downloaded your files from drop box to hp, transferred to sd card, unzipped files, plugged SD card into tuner, plugged in power, automatically went into update mode.

Having endless loop of KEY ON and KEY OFF commands from tuner
If using a aftermarket GPS/Sound system like the Alpine this device occupies CAN Bus addresses what are used from the Ultra. Turn off this device as long as you are programming truck or remove it complete if you want to use our OTF programing.

Transmission tuning 
Only the 68rfe transmission is actually supported
Aisin equipped trucks are not supported.

Getting a CEL without DTC after programing truck

I have to explain why you can get a CEL without DTC
The ECM is monitoring all sensors in a row and uses a table to do it.
If you turn KEY OFF and you program truck (or it was brought back to stock) this table contains all sensors including the sensors what are no more there after deleting DPF because you removed DPF.
Now you turn KEY ON after programming with RaceME and you start engine the ECM reads the old table but can't find the sensors what are to test in next step. ECM will switch on the CEL but will not show a DTC because this DPF routines and DTC descriptions are removed from RaceME program. This will only happen if the sensors what are removed are next in row to test after KEY ON so it happens not on every first programming but only on some.


This CEL always vanish's after some start or warm up's. You only think you deleted it, it vanished because table did not contain the to test DPF sensors anymore.

The units flashing a pattern of two red flashes, one green flash, and two more red flashes, and then repeats over and over.
SD card needs to be re formatted with FAT standard
Be sure not to mix old and new software and firmeware

Getting a 15102 Error at RT programming on a 2007-09 truck after ECM programmings
After each ECM programing do a RT programing with Key ON but Engine Off. Afterwards RT works also with Engine running.


Gauges frozen and having white or red hour glases;

The reason for the problem is that you use a *marked SAE PID in gauges. You only should use Cummins PID´s.

Go into config tools
Reset Dashboards and Parameter Config
Press YES and all your gauges are back to stock
Now choose new gauges and avoid SAE pids like timing pid.