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Important Information: If you do a update on SD card, make the tuner update with KeyOFF position only. Never do a KeyON when update is
running on tuner, wait for a Key On until update is finished than do a KeyON and program truck to have new software not only on SD card
and tuner but also into trucks ECM!!

Latest Release: RaceME_Ultra_INIT_2018-01-23 0002.01.25  2.01.25 Firmware, some 2018 calibrations added

RaceME_Ultra_INIT_2018-12-18 0002.00.08  2.1.20 Firmware, Software RAME007B 2018 truck support

RaceME_Ultra_INIT_2017-08-21_08-00.7z  2.0.0 Firmware, Software RAME006F
New DTCs addressed (U0100, U010C, U010E, P0115) and Speed limiter bug fixed.

Latest Release: Warp.31
We’ve improved and revised the 68RFE tuning parameters.

Release: RaceME_Ultra_INIT_2017-06-27_08-00.7z  2.0.0 Firmware, Software RAME006E
New Firmware has a new GUI (Graphic Unit Interface) no changes in tuning software
Removed from Server

Release: Warp.30
Minor bug fixes, Demo files bug fixed, Change max value for Boost pressure sensor linearization
curve for all 6.7L trucks

Release: RaceME_Ultra_INIT_2017-04-14_08-00.7z   1.3.9 Firmware Software RAME006E
Tuning data set new + Removed DTC U010E from 6.7L C&C 2010->2012 trucks.
Removed from Server

Release: RaceME_Ultra_INIT_2017-03-06_08-00.7z   1.3.8 Firmware Software RAME006D
with Tuning Data (2013+)
Removed from Server

Release: Warp .29
New Log Viewer

Release: RaceME_Ultra_INIT_2017-02-03_08-00.7z   1.3.7
FirmwareSoftware RAME006CFirmware 1.3.7 corrects some bugs
Removed from Server

Release: Warp .27 6.7L 2007.5 – 2009 RPM parameters bug fix
Removed from Server

Release: RaceME_Ultra_INIT_2017-02-03_08-00.7z   1.3.5
Firmware   Software RAME006B No changes
Firmware 1.3.5 corrects some calibration problems
Removed from Server

Release: Warp .26
Corrects Truck compability search bug fix
Removed from Server

Release: RaceME_Ultra_INIT_2017-01-23_08-00.7z   1.3.1
Firmware   Software RAME006BCorrects DTC code U02A3 on 2017 models.
Removed from Server

Release: Warp .25
Highly suggest to update to this version. Improved smoothing functionality
Removed from Server

Release: Warp .24
Improvements: - Smoothing feature - Bug fixes 
Removed from Server

Release: RAME005E.7z Software RAME005E contains only truck
data (copy it into data folder and overwrite old files)
You must have RAME005D and 1.2.3 firmware on tuner to use this update!Corrects DTC
code U02A3 on 2017 models.
Removed from Server

Release: RaceME_Ultra_INIT_2016-12-14_08-00.7z 1.2.03
FirmwareSoftware RAME005D
Some problem making PID's removed from Gauges, improved Data Logger what can set Bookmarks during logging,
Calibration Signature for Custom Tuner
Removed from Server

Release: RaceME_Ultra_INIT_2016-11-28_08-00.7z 1.2.01 Firmware
Software RAME005C. All 2017 Modles are supported from now on
Removed from Server

Release: RaceME_Ultra_INIT_2016-11-23_08-00.7z 1.2.01 Firmware
Ultra has now Data Logger for all trucks and latest revised tuning software what solves 2013up truck issues like Surge, VGT and
Rail Pressure issues, issues on 2007.5 - 2009 trucks after programming and solves issues on trans tuning on 2010+ trucks.
Removed from Server

RaceME_Ultra_INIT_2016-10-06_08-00.7z 1.1.11 Firmware Software RAME004C
New Transmission Level for 2010up 68rfe transmissions lets you choose between stock trans or aftermarket transmission.
On aftermarket transmission you now have 225psi line pressure. Line pressure rise corresponds now with throttle position and is raised as
soon pedal is moved forward. For aftermarket transmission's the early downshifting from 6 to 5th was removed because of the higher holding
capacity of the aftermarket transmissions.On stock trans with stock VB you have 185psi line pressureNow you can tune transmission even
with the "Deletes Only" Power LevelProblems in Tire size programming corrected
Removed from Server

RaceME_Ultra_INIT_2016-06-28_08-00.7z 1.1.6 FirmwareSoftware
RAME004BCorrections in firmware what solved a KeyON KeyOFF problem at


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