Can I tune my truck with a RaceME or RaceME Pro Tuner without deleting the DPF system?

No, under no circumstances, you would destroy the engine, the DPF clogs a short time after driving and the engine can't breath anymore.

You have to remove the DPF exhaust hardware system (from turbo on) but the sensors and actuators can stay in place, they are without function after installing a RaceME software.

What must be done after Programming

The only must is to remove the DPF

Do not unplug the electrical connector from the differential pressure sensor, only pull the hoses from sensor and than you can use one of the hoses to shortcut the 2 openings.

The differential pressure sensor is located on top of transmission on passenger side.

You either can remove the whole EGR stuff or let all parts in place, what you want, it doesn't matter, it has no more function after programming

Always disconnect the throttle valve connector, it is located on bottom of inlet knee. If you got a weak exhaust brake after programming  disconnect the remaining 3 electrical connectors from EGR cooler, solenoid and actuator also. 

Don't confuse it with the MAP sensor what is on top of inlet knee, the throttle valve connector plug is on bottom of knee and hard to see and hard to work on.

Can I change my tuners software to newer release?

Of course you can do that, download our installer (RaceME_1.00A_Setup.zip) and the file fitting for your truck and update your tuner. You must not go back to stock on your truck, simply download the new file, unzip it, upload the new version to the tuner with our USB tool and after that adjust first your options and than reprogram your truck to the stage you want.

If you would like to switch the tuner to a different year you must first unlock tuner from the truck it was programmed to and follow same procedure as by updating to a newer release
Each printer cord fits.
Here some hint's how to do it:
Go to our webpage: http://www.raceme.eu/index.php?page=index
If you not have a unzip program: http://www.7-zip.org

Choose tuner/year you have
Scroll down and you will see the download section
Download the 20xx file you need 
The top file for 2010-12 is always the latest and it ends with 01E the file for 07-09 trucks ends with 01C
Download the tool you need to do this update to tuner RaceME_1.00A_Setup.zip
Unzip it
install it
Click on the already unzipped 20xx file I you downloaded already
The RaceME USB programming tool will start and ask you to update tuner
Programm tuner
Go to truck
Programm truck
Start truck


Having a weak or no exhaust brake after programming?

Unplug all electrical connectors from EGR!!
One connector is on passenger side at the EGR cooler
Three are on driver side of engine at solenoid, actuator and throttle valve
Disconnect all of them.

This is what a customer reported:
Dear franz,
My exhaust brake issue is resolved and now it could slow down a mack truck hahaha! I unplugged the actuator and the solenoid... then I started the truck and let it idle til my battery gauge was at 14... but the truck back stock ( not sw0) like u said... immediately programmed it back to sw9... I shouldn't be running sw9 with a bone stock clutch but I will nurse the clutch til summer when I can put a new one... I just wanted to thank you again for the awesome assistance and extremely quick customer service... I just wish I knew for sure what actually fixed the problem...

Here the latest information coming from a Girl: Emily K. she did find what we all searched for.
This is what she told me and what I forwarded to a customer who told me that this cure worked great.
Hi Franz! I wanted to share the good news. I have a 2012 mega cab and was having a lot of trouble with my exhaust brake. I did try and reload from x stock after the battery was charged but that did nothing. Then I went ahead and unplugged my EGR (throttle valve was already unplugged) and immediately the EB worked! I don\'t know why but I\'m super happy!
A big thank you to Emily K.

Sequence to do the delete job:

Always do the programming of the truck at first not being stranded with all parts removed and tuner will not program truck.
Very important is to be sure the truck has not a "Catalyst Full See Dealer Now" message or P1451 DTC, programming a truck with having already that message makes it sometimes very hard to remove that .
The codes you will get by disconnecting sensors on DPF or on EGR are never a problem.
If your truck has the P1451 read the text on bottom of FAQ what handles exact this problem

Precaution at Programming:

Never do a programming if Voltage is less than 12,5 Volt. This is especially on 2007 to 2009 models important, they are more sensitive on low Voltage.
Put a charger on truck if voltage is only 12,5 volt, if it's a good charger it has a flash option also.
Or do the programming after a trip with some miles to be sure batteries are fully charged
You can remove fuel pump fuse/relays and ABS fuse's for the time you do the programming to make the process more secure.
Take a look at all negative connections and battery poles, clean all if showing any debris before starting programming.
During the first time installation never stop the programming session in any case.

Possible problems at Programming:

If you are getting a Miss <12350331AN> message
Because of dealer flashes customers can get this message after programming or trying to reprogram truck.
Solution: Download newest RaceME software and download to tuner. If getting the same message afterwards press the right > key twice and you can override that condition and force tuner to program truck.

Unable to connect to the hardware:

If you can't connect your tuner to the computer because the message „Unable to connect to hardware“ is popping up you must replace your USB cord. Some of the standard 10 feet long USB cords are making this problem, use the shortest you can get like a good quality 1 foot cable.
Don't forget to reboot your computer after you have tried to connect several times with the bad cable to reset the USB port. Not doing a computer reset can lead to same message with the good cable.

Upgrading your tuner to the latest software:

Go to the download page, under Products Button.
Download, open and print the RaceME Update Guide.pdf file.
It will walk you through the steps to upgrade your Tuner. You will need a unzip program like WinZip.
Step 5 is very important. You must select the file with the .rmu extension. For users of RaceMe 2012 Tuners,
select the appropriate download file.

Programming failed:

If very first programming was not successful and you get a Message like „ERROR #152 PROGRAM ABORTED“ you can try re programming by pulling the fuel pump fuse and the ABS fuses during the programing. If you get same message your truck need a recovery file.
You must provide me with:
VIN of truck
Transmission type
CAN BUS diagnose code (you get it by pressing the right > when you see the CAN ERROR #)
Tuner model
Short description what happened
CAN BUS ERRORS are coming from low voltage and/or bad negative connections.
Check and verify your truck's VIN several times or send a cell phone picture not to confuse a 0 (zero) with a O what would be a real mess. Use upper-case character letters.

FTD2XX.DLL Not Found:

A Windows Driver problem, download new Driver here: http://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/CDM/CDM%20v2.12.00%20WHQL%20Certified.exe

Dealer flashed over my RaceME Software:

You will get a Vin # Locked message
Solution: Press the right > button twice to override the condition to force the tuner to re program the truck
If you see VIN# LOCKED (all in caps)
Solution: You possibly have old software on tuner, watch for the last 3 digits tuner shows on display, if you not have a 01E you must download 01E file and update tuner
You find file below tuner/year you have on this web page. 

If problem persists: You must ask us for a recovery file because the flash made a unknown ECM calibration to the tuner

Having a SEE DEALER NOW DPF FULL message on screen:

This problem are getting trucks what already had DTC's (like P1451) and that message before programming the truck with the RaceME tuner's
I describe here a solution with the SnapOn SolusUltra what is more common in shops as the dealer scan tool StarScan
Connect the scan tool to truck (SolusUltra)
Choose Year of truck
Choose Engine
Choose System Tests
The List can differ on the truck year!!
In Systems Tests Menu you will see:
Filter Timers regen and NAC
Reset Aftertreatment Trip Information
Reset Fuel Pressure Limiting Valve Accumulators
Reset NOx Absorber Counts
Reset Regenerative Filter Timers
View/Reset Duty Cycle Accumulators
View/Reset Trip Information Accumulators
View/Reset DPF After Treatment Over Temp Events
View Reset DOC After Treatment Over Temp Events
View/Reset Duty Cycle Maps
View/Reset NAC After Treatment Over Temp Events
Reset all of them, ALL
On 2007-2009 trucks there is a possible other reason for that message and going into limb mode. If the pressure relieve valve is not tight anymore it can cause that not related message and force truck even into limb mode. Solution is to shim the valve and if you see it was the reason replace it with a new one. Shimming should only be done to find the issue, because the valve is a very important security device in case the CP3 is out of range and rises pressure until somewhat has to give, and that should be the Valve what opens in such an event and not an exploding rail with more than 30000psi pressure.

The Fuel Pressure Limiting Valve is screwed into the front of the Fuel Rail on 6.7 engines
If you are wondering why a code reader can't delete that is because this are no DTC's, that are simple counter's who gives the ECM information about regenerations and the count of over temp events. At a assigned value of such events the ECM thinks there is a problem with the DPF and comes with the SEE DEALER NOW message.

Mileage/Fuel consumption: We have seen that the majority of trucks are getting far better mileage with the addition of programming from our RaceME tuners. We have also seen that some trucks don't benefit as much from the Delete/programming, however those are a very small percentage. I'll describe here some of the reasoning regarding increasing fuel economy. Our RaceME programming increases fuel economy from several different factors, I'll mention just a couple of them. Two of the biggies are we eliminate the late injection events, and disallow the regeneration process. The elimination of these two events yields instant decreases in fuel consumption. We also optimize injection timing, to allow a more thorough/efficient combustion event. Our testing has indicated an increase in air flow is also very beneficial to yielding increased fuel economy. An internal combustion engine is simply a very large air pump.It pulls in clean air from the atmosphere, then pushes out the (contaminated) exhaust.

Imagine you are driving a steady speed and your engine is making 20 psi of boost. It is pulling fresh air in from the atmosphere, then compressing it to the point it is forcing 20 psi of pressure into the engine. The engine must always make more psi pressure on the exhaust side, (drive pressure) in order to maintain the 20 psi inlet pressure. Monitoring the relationship of these two values, one can see large variations regarding the differences between the two. Ideally the drive pressure (between piston and turbo) should be 1 to1, (1:1) compared to the inlet pressure.

When using the Holset VGT it can be 1:2, or even much higher. So our proposed boost value of 20 psi @ a 1:2 ratio nets us 40 psi of back pressure. After the power stroke pushes the piston down in the cylinder, the piston is then required to rise upwards, pushing the spent exhaust gases out of the cylinder. Any drive pressure value above the boost pressure, requires additional power robbing effort, to spew out these spent gases. Drive pressure will eat up some of the power you need to maintain the steady speed we are assuming, @ 20psi of boost.

The removal of the diesel cat and DPF helps to lower the back pressure a lot, but the Holset VGT is indeed a bottle neck. I know most of you need the exhaust brake built into the Holset VGT. For those of you who can go without it, real gains in fuel mileage can be seen when you convert to a S400 turbocharger utilizing a T4 manifold. We are using such a 6.7L Single Turbo S400 2nd Generation Conversion Kit on one of our test trucks and the difference in lowering EGT's and back pressure are fantastic. The most impressive gain is the far better fuel mileage you will get. Now back to the question why some trucks are not getting better mileage after programming the truck. We think the only cause can be the VGT and the electronic adjustment of the vanes not properly matching the actual engine load and choking the engine, netting you poor fuel economy.

We are also doing some testing with premium top shelf injectors from Big Bang Injection. When the results are in & all data is compiled, we will share our findings.


Payment problems in the shop:

I already posted the payment problem on the cummins forum, what you have to do is calling your CC issuing bank on the phone as you are ordering. If your payment is declined, your own bank declines it and not my web shop. Some customers reported their bank wants 1% for international transfer's.

Here what customers posted:
Just have to make sure your CC allows international transactions. I was also charged an international charge transaction fee. That's on my CC bank end and has nothing to do with the RaceME CC processor.
Or this: "Yes called my bank and they authorized to purchase"
Or this answer: "Yes a call to the credit card company did the trick, though they charge a 1% fee for international, I was glad it went through. I am glad we do not have the close to 20% value added tax that you guys have."